With the emergence of the Internet of Things and AI – layered with the SMAC stack – the speed of automation has dramatically increased and the next industrial revolution is upon us.

This emerging digital environment presents significant opportunities and implications for business, and the economy in general. Business success will be (optimally) achieved by:

  • capturing the opportunities presented for customer experience, operations, products & services and business model;
  • ensuring the customer is your focus – employing Agile and Design Thinking methods;
  • delivering the right vision, innovation governance, leadership, engagement, communications, platform and ecosystem.

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AMG Digital consulting services include:

  • Definition of digital business vision, strategy, planning and architecture/ solutions in the financial services, telecommunications, retail and diverse business & consumer markets;

  • Business architecture, implementation, commercialisation and growth of start-up/ greenfield businesses – and ‘disruptive’ products & services – that rely on complex digital/ technology environments;

  • Delivery of digital business and technology solutions to improve business performance and customer experience in corporate and SME markets;

  • Complex project and program management, including the appropriate application of waterfall, Agile and other progressive change frameworks;

  • Agile Innovation Governance – striving for superb customer experience, market responsiveness, stakeholder engagement and value realisation from prioritised innovation investment;

  • Specialised focus on emerging technology and its business implications – Strategic Platforms, including Internet of Things, AI/ ML, SMAC Stack, eCommerce/ Payments and Cyber Security.